ISR Operations

ISR operations is the activity synchronizing the planning and tasking of sensors to collect data and coordinating the subsequent processing, exploitation, and dissemination to transform and deliver information that analysts evaluate and convert into the intelligence required to support decision-making and operational planning and execution. The current ISR enterprise encompasses multiple sensors and platforms operating in air, land, maritime, space, and cyberspace domains and multiple tasking, collection, processing, exploitation, and dissemination chains; owned and operated by multiple organizations and at multiple echelons. Despite the impressive array of ISR assets; the enterprise capacity to supply data and information is continually outpaced by the demand. 

The GARRETT GROUP provides our clients with the expertise to integrate and manage the collection of ISR assets into a cohesive capability collect data across all domains to satisfy strategic, operational and tactical requirements. The data may be used by national, joint, service specific, coalition, or allied personnel or any combination thereof. Global integrated ISR enables the integration of this collected information to deliver intelligence to the right person at the right time, anywhere on the globe. At first blush, our ISR expertise may appear mission and operation specific but the services we provide are applicable to any situation requiring the optimization of scarce resources. The GARRETT GROUP services supporting ISR operations include:

  • Review, assess, and prioritize competing customer requirements
  • Develop, coordinate, and maintain a resource allocation plan
  • Develop and run models and simulations to evaluate allocation strategies and assess effects of proposed/actual changes to the ISR enterprise 
  • Monitor and report on the operational readiness of sensors and platforms
  • Evaluate the performance and effectiveness of operations
  • Identify operational gaps, evaluate alternative solutions, and assist with the integration of new/refined capabilities
  • Provide information to support capability investment decisions and subsequent planning, programming, budgeting, and execution decision