Senator Garrett retired from the Air Force in 2003 after a highly successful 26-year career. Mr. Garrett’s last active duty assignment was as the Commander of the USSTRATCOM Joint Intelligence Center (JIC). During this assignment Colonel Garrett was by-name requested to serve as the Chief of the Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Division (ISRD) in the Combined Air Operations Center (CAOC) at Prince Sultan Air Base in Saudi Arabia for the planning and kick-off of Operation Iraqi Freedom. Prior to commanding the JIC, Col. Garrett held a series of command positions while on active duty to include: Commander of the 607th Air Intelligence Group and 7th Air Force Director of Intelligence, Osan Air Base in the Republic of Korea; Deputy Group Commander, 17th Training Group (“Intel School House”); Squadron Commander, USAF Weapons School Intelligence Division; and Commander for Military Matters, National Air Intelligence Center, Pentagon. Col. Garrett is a veteran of the first Gulf War where he served as the Chief of Intelligence for the 35th Fighter Wing (The Wild Weasels). Col. Garrett is a graduate of the National War College, the Air War College and the U.S. Air Force Weapons School. Col. Garrett holds Masters Degrees in both International Relations and National Security Strategy. Col. Garrett was competitively selected by the Air Force to serve a one-year assignment as a RAND Research Fellow at the RAND Corporation in Santa Monica, California. After retiring from the Air Force, Mr. Garrett became a Division Manager and Assistant Vice President for a large defense contractor. In just under four years with the firm, Mr. Garrett built a division of less than 20 personnel to over 150 personnel working on contracts at USSTRATCOM (J2 and J8), at Offutt AFB; Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) (JFCC ISR and DJIOC) at Bolling AFB, D.C.; USSOCOM (J2) and USCENTCOM (J2) in Tampa, FL.; Joint Analysis Center (JAC) Molesworth, United Kingdom (UK); USAREUR (G2 and G3), Heidelberg and Mannheim, Germany; USEUCOM (J2, and J3), Stuttgart, Germany; Interpol, Nice, France; NAVEUR (N2 and N3), Naples, Italy; and CENTCOM (J2), Doha, Qatar. Mr. Garrett’s portfolio of contracts generated over $20M in annual revenue.



Mr. O’Hanlon brings over 25 years of relevant experience to the company working in and for the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD). Mr. O’Hanlon as an Intelligence Officer in the U.S. Air Force. During that experience, Mr. O’Hanlon learned the business of Military Intelligence working in the trenches as an analyst while managing analyst teams of military and civilian personnel.   There he learned the value of team building and the art of matching technology to business practice that is such an important part of DoD contracting. While an Air Force officer, Mr. O’Hanlon worked extensively with DoD contractors both managing their work and working alongside them to develop new technological solutions. Upon separating from the Air Force, he joined SAIC and began working with the DoD as a contractor. He focused on helping customers identify IT business requirements to developers and manufacturers and, managing teams and projects working IT solutions for the Military Intelligence community. Over time, Mr. O’Hanlon became manager of SAIC’s Intelligence related work at Offutt Air Force Base and throughout Europe overseeing the work of over 90 people and contracts worth in excess of $15 million per year. The Chief Operating Officer for The Garrett Group since its inception in 2007, Mr. O’Hanlon has worked to ensure successful company performance and development.  He is focused primarily on planning and overseeing day-today company operations while working to develop and maintain customer and industry partner relationships. Mr. O’Hanlon is experienced working with customers in all branches of military service and agencies within the National Intelligence Community and works with both large and small business partners to build teams capable of providing outstanding customer support.

Timothy J. Tady

Managing Partner & Senior Vice President for Intelligence Solutions

Mr. Tady has over three decades of experience in intelligence analysis, planning, budgeting, and intelligence IT systems development and integration. Mr. Tady started his intelligence career in the U.S. Army as an Imagery Analyst.  His accomplishments earned him rapid promotions and an assignment as the team leader for a joint-force imagery exploitation operation responsible for daily reporting on high priority adversary installations of national significance. As a result of the success of that team, Mr. Tady was given responsibility for managing operations of a node of a national-level intelligence collection system. After leaving the military, Mr. Tady spent 22 years with a large defense contractor, where he created service lines, developed marketing and pricing strategies, drafted proposals, and managed projects that generated millions of dollars of revenue. Mr. Tady was a by-name request to participate in an SAIC project to develop services to support an Air Force customer’s efforts to operate and manage a complex system-of-systems. The resulting line of services, techniques, and information products became a standard for managing the integration of intelligence-related IT capabilities for the entire DoD and a primary revenue generator for a division within the firm. Mr. Tady was also in the forefront of efforts to bring contractor all-source intelligence analysts to the COCOMS; first to the EUCOM Joint Analysis Center and later to USSTRATCOM.

Pat Finnerty

Managing Partner, Senior Vice President & Chief Security Officer

Mr. Finnerty brings extensive experience in Law Enforcement, Counter-Intelligence, Intelligence facility design and construction, and intelligence personnel security processing along with security development and integration. Mr. Finnerty performed in various law enforcement and security assignments over a 22-year career in the U.S. Air Force. He served as a Quality Control Evaluator; Personnel, Physical, and Information Security Specialist; and as a Law Enforcement Instructor responsible for daily training and development of Air Force Law Enforcement personnel. Mr. Finnerty also instructed civil police officers on various law enforcement curriculums.  He provided protection for various Diplomatic heads-of-state to include four different U.S. Presidents.  Mr. Finnerty served as a member of the International Military Police Force for the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) in Europe. His many responsibilities included security of the first–ever Bosnian Election ballots. Mr. Finnerty has managed on the world stage as well, responsible for the training development of 15 different European countries working together as a single police force. Mr. Finnerty served as a member of the Offutt AFB Anti-Terrorism Council and assisted in the development of strategic plans on combating terrorism. He works closely with the FBI and the USSTRATCOM Counter-Intelligence community on current counter-terrorism issues affecting all levels of public safety and business in Nebraska. Mr. Finnerty used his military experience to elevate security in the business community to another level. Mr. Finnerty was a trusted advisor for a large defense contracting firm and the U.S. Government; he was continually called upon to handle all security issues regarding program design, development and implementation. He was given responsibility as the Security Manager for the large firm’s European Operations and also managed the security allocation for 3,200 employees within the largest organizational element of that firm.

James D. Murphy

Managing Partner & Senior Vice President for Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance Solutions (ISR)

Mr. Murphy is an ISR subject matter expert who has achieved success in leadership and management positions in small, medium, and large ISR organizations. Mr. Murphy’s 24-year U.S. Air Force career afforded him the privilege to collect and exploit extremely valuable information as an intelligence aircrew member and was decorated for his actions in the first Persian Gulf War, the U.S. intervention in Panama, the U.S. operation to restore democracy in Haiti, NATO operations in the Balkans, counter-narcoterrorism campaigns, and a host of additional crises and contingencies. Mr. Murphy’s various roles on U.S. reconnaissance aircraft included Airborne Mission Supervisor, Airborne Intelligence Analyst/Reporter, and Cryptographic Linguist Operator. He also served as the Chief of Operations Staff for the Harrogate Mission Ground Station in the United Kingdom where he managed the utilization of 679 multinational specialists executing a 24/7/365 intelligence mission. As the ISR Operations Manager for the 67th Information Operations Group in Texas, Mr. Murphy’s 21-person team integrated strategic and operational ground and air information operations for 20 Air Intelligence Agency organizations around the world comprised of 1,750 personnel and $1.1 billion in intelligence assets. He also worked for six years as a Special Intelligence Research Analyst at the National Security Agency where he was decorated for “sound analytic judgment” and “operational insight”. Mr. Murphy has always had a keen desire to build and empower the next generation of our nation’s intelligence professionals. While assigned to Goodfellow Air Force Base, Texas, he earned a Master Instructor certification from Air Education and Training Command while preparing over 260 novice linguists from all uniformed services for careers in the intelligence community. Additionally, he was recruited by the National Cryptologic School and, after completing their formal certification process, served as an Adjunct Faculty member. After retiring from the Air Force, he was employed by a large defense contractor as the ISR Program Manager for their Global Intelligence Solutions Division in Bellevue, Nebraska. Between July 2003 and July 2007, he was an ISR Planner and Analyst working directly for the government client in the USSTRATCOM J23, J84, and JFCC-ISR organizations. He provided ISR subject-matter expertise to USSTRATCOM’s adaptive, operational, time-sensitive and conceptual planning enterprise. Mr. Murphy integrated global ISR tactics, techniques, and procedures into plans for Global Strike, the Global War on Terrorism, and Homeland Defense. He was appointed to a three-person team chartered by the USSTRATCOM J2 to “develop an innovative approach to Global ISR Management that will lead to an increasingly efficient, flexible, and responsive enterprise”. The resulting Concept of Operations quickly led to the creation and stand-up of the JFCC-ISR. Mr. Murphy is an MBA and is certified as a Project Management Professional (PMP) by the international Project Management Institute.



Don Kelly


Don Kelly is the Vice President in charge of all The Garrett Group’s support to the United States Strategic Command Advisory and Assistance Support (USAMS) contract. He manages a portfolio of contracts and contracted employees and is responsible for all program operations.  Don served over 26 years in the USAF. His career included tours in Air Force reconnaissance and B-1B aircraft, staff work at three combatant commands and operational command. He is a master navigator with more than 4,300 flying hours in the B-1B and RC-135 aircraft and a graduate of residence programs at Air Command and Staff College, the USMC School of Advanced Warfighting and Air War College. He held the position of Deputy Chief of Staff at USSTRATCOM from 2007 until his retirement in 2009. Don is also an elected Sarpy County Commissioner and serves on the Board of Directors on several civic and fraternal organizations.