The Garrett Group Announces Establishment of New Cybersecurity Division

The Garrett Group (TGG), a Bellevue-based national security contractor, announces the establishment of a new Cybersecurity Division to provide tailored support options to assist clients in recognizing threats, assessing vulnerabilities, and devising risk-based cybersecurity solutions.             

The benefits of doing  business in the Information Age are undeniable, but it is obvious from even a casual review of headlines over the last few years that reliance on information technology comes with no small amount of risk. Cyberattacks cause billions of dollars in losses every year, and the growing threat isn’t limited to Fortune 500 companies. Small and medium size businesses face the same risks and are likely to present a more vulnerable target unable to address the scope and complexity of  their specific threats in the face of a small staff, limited resources, and “one-size-fits-all” security solutions. The goal of the TGG Cybersecurity Division is to assist small and medium size clients with assessing the myriad of threats, identifying actual risks, and developing practical risk management strategies.     

Mr. Andrew Munger leads the Cybersecurity Division. Mr. Munger has 15 years of experience built on a unique and diverse background in cyber strategy, intelligence, information security, risk reduction, layered defense, and strategic analysis. As a member of the United State Air Force, and a top graduate of their Network Intelligence Academy, Mr. Munger specialized in intelligence, information operations, defeating technical threats and countering threats from foreign intelligence services. After leaving the military, he has applied his skills and acquired additional expertise in the private sector supporting multiple efforts to reduce risks to businesses, protect corporate brands, and enhance cybersecurity programs for Fortune 500 companies in the financial and professional services industries.      

“Our goal,” says Munger, “is to demystify cybersecurity, help organizations decipher the complexities, and arrive at sensible, effective cybersecurity solutions.”           

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Mr. Wacey Lanier has also joined the TGG Cybersecurity team as our Senior Cybersecurity Advisor. Wacey’s IT and Cyber Security experience stems from the 11+ years that he served in the United States Marine Corps (2006-2018). During his service, he experienced multiple complex problem sets unique to the ever-changing field of IT and Cyber Security in a wide variety of locations like North Carolina, California, Japan, and Afghanistan. His background includes areas such as risk assessments and reduction, defense in  depth, endpoint security, data analysis, incident handling, etc. He strives to stay on the leading edge of his field by gaining industry level certifications such as CISSP, GSEC, GCIH, and by constantly researching the latest trends in Cyber Security and Malware reports.

The Garrett Group is proud to sponsor a local conference on February 5th for IT Risk and Cybersecurity professionals of all levels. At the Great Plains Cyber Summit, we will present a broad range of cybersecurity topics to support you in assessing and reducing cyber risks to your organization. Speakers will also discuss information-sharing initiatives, threat response, and proactive intelligence-based concepts. Join your local IT and security community for a unique opportunity to network and hear presentations from local and national Cybersecurity experts. Additional details can be found at   

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