Security Consulting and Security Program Administration Services

The goal of security operations is to protect assets and add value to the organization by providing cost-beneficial safeguards that facilitate business or mission strategies. Our security solutions are tailored to allow seamless integration into the mission and day-to-day operations. We provide visionary, innovative and competitive services to identify protection goals dealing with SCI Personnel Security, Critical Infrastructure Protection, Anti-Terrorism, SCI System Security, SCIF Design and Construction and all associated specialties.

Personnel Security

Clients whose business survival depend on employees with security clearances or are dependent upon the trustworthiness of employees to protect vital information require an effective Personnel Security program. The GARRETT GROUP provides a range of services including:

  • Pre-employment security screening
  • Security clearance request preparation, submission, tracking, and issue resolution
  • Personnel Security program assessments
  • Pre-inspection audits
  • Personnel security records maintenance
  • Background checks on employees or prospective employees
  • Security education and training
  • Personnel security briefings and indoctrination


The GARRETT GROUP offers a wide range of physical security services including:

  • Site surveys for office and commercial complexes
  • Physical security risk assessments and vulnerability analysis
  • Consultation on threat and vulnerability remediation
  • Sensitive Compartmented Intelligence Facility (SCIF) design, accreditation and inspections
  • Facility Audit / Inspection preparation
  • Consultation on physical security improvements such as access control, intrusion detection systems, electromagnetic protection and secure communications