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TGG Gives Back to the Community

TGG’s recent donation of 125 professional baseball tickets to several remarkable non-profit organizations is a testament to the relentless dedication and hard work of these incredible groups. Since their inception in 2007, TGG has consistently supported various causes, including Veteran’s groups, charitable organizations, and college scholarships, with contributions totaling tens of thousands of dollars. Their latest contribution, a gift of Omaha Stormchaser’s professional baseball tickets, upholds TGG’s tradition of giving back to those organizations who are tirelessly serving our community. We would like to highlight the outstanding efforts of the following groups, whose relentless commitment and dedication led to this gesture: United Way of the Midlands, Women’s Center for Advancement, Westside Public Schools Teacher’s Association, The ALS Association, AJ Strong, Ronald McDonald House Omaha, Children’s Square Foster Care, and The Sheltering Tree. Their outstanding work is a great inspiration and has made a significant impact in the community.