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Services Delivered by Experienced Experts

The GARRETT GROUP provides a diverse range of services for both the U.S. Government and private business. Our highly specialized personnel are recognized subject matter experts with recent operational and command experience in military operational planning, intelligence operations, security, information technology and cyber readiness, and Joint training and exercises.

Our professional services are based on a foundation of commitment to the highest quality of agile and innovative support and complete dedication to mission success across all our services.

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Getting intelligence right means coordinating solutions across the intelligence cycle and synchronizing the efforts of policymakers, managers, collectors, exploiters, analysts, and IT professionals. The GARRETT GROUP intelligence professionals offer cross-cycle, multi-discipline expertise and perspectives. Our intelligence professionals are available to support a wide range of endeavors; from augmenting client staff in single-function/single-discipline long-term efforts to establishing an independent, multi-function/multi-discipline intelligence team providing short term analysis and consulting support.

The GARRETT GROUP’s Intelligence Services are categorized according to the basic functions of the Intelligence Cycle – Planning and Direction, Collection, Processing and Exploitation, Analysis and Production, and Dissemination. We thoroughly understand and appreciate the interdependence and how to apply these core functions to satisfy the information and operational requirements of all our clients. We are prepared to execute these services individually or in any combination as part of a comprehensive intelligence program


  • Process Engineering
  • Doctrine, Policy, Guidance, and Concept development and maintenance
  • Resource management support to include cost analysis, impact assessment, and budget submission
  • Continuity of operations planning and management
  • Operating instruction development and maintenance


  • Requirements management to identify, evaluate, document, and submit information needs and monitor requestor satisfaction
  • Collection management to monitor status and allocate collection assets among competing requirements
  • Training on collection capabilities and operations


  • Electronic Intelligence analysis
  • Imagery Analysts and Geospatial analysis
  • Exploitation skills and IT training


  • All-source analysis supporting Indications &Warnings, Situation Awareness, Behavior Modeling, Capabilities Knowledge Base maintenance, and Course of Action Prediction
  • Analytical skills and IT training
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Military Operational Planning

The GARRETT GROUP understands that the increasing complexity of operations on the battlefields of today and tomorrow require the ability to effectively plan against the ever-changing threat that can attack across or through the ground, sea, air, and cyber domains.  Our Subject Matter Planning Experts pride themselves in providing unmatched advisory support to guide the development of your strategy, doctrine, and long-range deliberate and adaptive plans.   

We go further and provide our clients with the expertise to help guide the integration and manage the operations of military forces across all domains to satisfy the developed strategic and operational plans requirements.

The GARRETT GROUP services supporting military operational planning include:

  • Review, assess, and prioritize competing customer planning requirements
  • Develop, coordinate, and maintain a resource allocation plan
  • Develop, coordinate, and assist in the execution of Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) planning and execution
  • Develop and run models and simulations to evaluate allocation strategies, and assess effects of proposed/actual changes to military operations 
  • Monitor and report on the operational readiness of military forces
  • Evaluate the performance and effectiveness of military operations
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The goal of security operations is to protect assets and add value to an organization by providing cost-beneficial safeguards that facilitate business or mission strategies. The GARRETT GROUP provides security solutions that are tailored to allow seamless integration into the mission and day-to-day operations. We provide visionary, innovative, and competitive services to identify protection goals dealing with SCI Personnel Security, Critical Infrastructure Protection, Anti-Terrorism, SCI System Security, SCIF Design and Construction and all associated specialties.


Clients whose business survival depend on employees with security clearances or are dependent upon the trustworthiness of employees to protect vital information require an effective Personnel Security program.

The GARRETT GROUP provides a range of services including:

  • Pre-employment security screening
  • Security clearance request preparation, submission, tracking, and issue resolution
  • Personnel Security program assessments
  • Pre-inspection audits
  • Personnel security records maintenance
  • Background checks on employees or prospective employees
  • Security education and training
  • Personnel security briefings and indoctrination


The GARRETT GROUP offers a wide range of physical security services including:

  • Site surveys for office and commercial complexes
  • Physical security risk assessments and vulnerability analysis
  • Consultation on threat and vulnerability remediation
  • Sensitive Compartmented Intelligence Facility (SCIF) design, accreditation and inspections
  • Facility Audit / Inspection preparation
  • Consultation on physical security improvements such as access control, intrusion detection systems, electromagnetic protection, and secure communications


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Information Assurance

Information technology (IT) and systems are the lifeblood of virtually every government entity and private sector business. The cyber threats to these systems and the organizations that rely on them, are very real and growing. The GARRETT GROUP provides information assurance solutions that will keep your information systems safe from harm.

The GARRETT GROUP provides consultation or advisory expertise that includes:

  • Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification Compliance Evaluation
  • National Institute of Standards and Technology Cybersecurity Framework Compliance Evaluation
  • Information Assurance Test and Evaluation
  • Critical Infrastructure Protection
  • Continuity of Operations Plan Development
  • Disaster Recovery Plan Development
  • Information Technology Threat Assessment and Intelligence
  • Comprehensive Information Technology Solutions to Meet Mission Requirements
  • System Security Plan Development
  • Computer Forensics and Analysis

Cyber Readiness

Information technology (IT) is a primary enabler of any intelligence or security operation.  Procuring and maintaining an effective system capability requires a significant investment which makes selecting the right IT tools imperative for successful mission accomplishment. The GARRETT GROUP offers a wide array of engineering services to assist clients with identifying, designing, and implementing IT solutions. We have industry experts who can guide you through the compliance landscapes of ISO 27001, Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC), National Institute of Standards and Technology Cybersecurity Framework (NIST CSF), and other common IT security frameworks.

Our Cyber Readiness Engineering Services include:

  • Business Process Analysis and Modeling
  • Information Technology and Cybersecurity Requirements Analysis and Specification
  • Concept Development and Technical Demonstration Support
  • System Architecture Design, Management, and Planning
  • Cyber Capability Integration, Test and Evaluation
  • Cybersecurity Cost/Benefit Analysis and Risk Management
  • Cyber Program / Project Management
  • Cybersecurity Operations Familiarization and Training
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We specialize in the planning, development, execution, and analysis of joint exercises and wargames, joint initial and mission qualification training, annual currency training, and the communications support required to support those exercise and training events.  The GARRETT GROUP also takes pride in our capability to integrate modeling and simulation into our exercises and training to replicate real-world mission systems.

Our specific exercise and training support includes:

  • Plan, Develop, and Execute Joint Exercises 
  • Exercise Scenario Development and Role Player Supported Execution
  • Exercise Analysis, Evaluation, Assessment, and After-Action Reporting
  • Joint Electronic Warfare Training Programs and Activities 
  • Joint Mission Initial and Mission Qualification Training Support
  • Exercise Communication System Support
  • Joint Knowledge On-Line (JKO) Training Support
  • National Airborne Operations Center (NAOC) Annual Training Plan Support
  • Global Adaptive Planning and Collaborative Information Environment (GAP CIE) Support